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Chris Pavey

CHRIS PAVEY was born in Melbourne Australia in 1976. If he did not come out of the womb writing, he certainly picked up pen and paper as soon as he was capable.

That’s not to say he’s been any great lover of the English language over the years or been gifted with the innate talent of beautiful prose. No, that’s for other writers to craft and sell. What has always been Chris’ gift, and has always been the inspiration for his writing, is story.

For that, he pays homage to his pop, Norman Pavey, who every weekend, from as young as Chris can remember until the evilness of dementia took him away, arrived in his clapped out 1964 Holden at the family home in the Dandenongs, with a book full of stories in his head, ready for retelling throughout the afternoon as they went about their gardening and weeding.

From the historic stories of the past where horse and cart reigned supreme to the fantastical tales of the loving bond between horse and man which included many a flood, fire, tragedy and the occasional dramatic rescue, it all played a part in encouraging Chris on a path of study in history and writing.

He completed his Bachelors degree in History with Honours at Monash University in Melbourne in 1999. Heading abroad for three years, Chris wrote his first three novels, The SHADES trilogy (currently unpublished), during this time teaching in Prague, the Czech Republic. With his return to Australia in 2003, Chris focused on honing his writing skills, completing a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Canberra, at which time he started running for fitness. With the sad news of his sister-in-law’s unexpected passing, his passion for running became an addiction, and when his other loves, fundraising and writing converged, it gave birth to Project Fuji; Chris’ epic run up Japan’s most prestigious mountain in the name of charity and in memory of Christina.

This Project Fuji event, and all that led to it, gave rise to Chris’ fourth novel, and the first published, Running Against Time. An Amazon Best Seller, it has launched Chris’ author career and refocused his attention back on history. Through running marathons, Chris became aware of an Ancient Greek, Pheidippides, who over 2500 years ago became the first person to run what we now know as the marathon. That myth and this runner, Pheidippides, has given way to Chris’ new obsession, Ancient Greece, and his new story, WarRunner.

WarRunner is an ambitious Braveheart meets Game of Thrones epic told in Ancient Greece at the birth of Democracy, during a clash of civilizations not seen to that extent again until the Crusades. WarRunner is a battle to shape the world’s future.

O tolmon nika! | Who dares wins!

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