• Chris on The Blue Room, The Blue Room shares health news, information and content. It provides real stories you can trust about family, health and wellbeing, caring for ageing loved ones, and living with a health condition. As a father of three, Chris focuses on sharing his experiences and tips on getting pregnant (from a male’s perspective), raising children and maintaining health and fitness while living a busy family lifestyle.
  • Capitalism: the opium of the masses, What would Karl Marx think of the modern world where capitalism has become the new religion. An article Chris wrote and published in 2007, in the magazine “Dissent” that explored his passions, running and writing.
  • Chris Pavey: Project Fuji, An article that was originally published in Run 4 Your Life Magazine, about my fundraising initiative for Oxfam, Project Fuji, and my race to the top of Japan’s highest mountain!
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