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What’s coming…

With the launch of Running Against Time late last year, things have been busy. Not to forget the addition of two wonderful little munchkins to our family! But things are about to get busier, much busier! For 2013 I have big plans, in running, and writing. And I intend to bring everyone here along for the ride through my blogging and newsletters.

In just the next few weeks alone I intend to launch a new section on my Runningman Pavey website focussed on training and nutrition. As I repeat a number of times in Running Against Time, I don’t pretend to be the expert, and I don’t pretend I have all the answers. But I’ve learnt a lot over the last five years with running, a lot of which I share in my novel, but some of which didn’t make the cut.

Under this new section, Training & Nutrition, I intend to put up my 10km, Half Marathon, and Marathon training plans. They’ll be my ‘flexible’ training plans, designed for the modern novice, who doesn’t have the time or lifestyle to take on many of the very rigid plans out there. Besides, so many of the plans out there require you to pay, or join something or buy something! Mine will be free and people will be able to take them and easily make them their own. I’m excited! I hope you are too.

I’m also excited to be sharing over the next few weeks some chapters that didn’t quite make it into Running Against Time in their full and original versions. Due to pacing and the importance of remaining on subject they were reduced in size for the final version of the novel. But I’d like to now share the full versions with all of you. Stay tuned…

I’m similarly very excited to share with everyone more of my writing! Since that’s actually my first love, running being my second, I’m keen to start getting back into it as much as I can (as much as co-parenting twins will allow, that is!). I have a short story I wrote some time ago that I’m getting up to scratch for publishing. Then I’ll be turning my attention to editing and sharing some of Shades (may have to change the name now!!! lol), my Magnus Opus fantasy trilogy. Or alternatively, I’m currently toying with the idea of returning to A Saxon Story, a true labour of love of mine, and a story I think that deserves to be finished… do I have it in me…

So there’s lots to be done, not to forget my slow return to distance running… barefoot! I’m up to 3 runs a week at 20 minutes a piece, and I’m working at increasing this to a consistent 30 minutes. Then, it’s all systems go from there!

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  1. Good work Chris, you must be learning a lot about all this website development now! It’s a never ending mountain when it comes to learning everything about webdesign!

    1. Haha Gords. Yep, I sure am! But I really do need to learn some real programming rather than just html… but I doubt I have the time…

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