Running Against Time

How I ended up at the top of Mount Fuji

The Fuji Mountain Race, heralded as Japan’s most difficult climbing race, is a 3,000-metre ascent over 21 kilometres of tarmac, gravel and volcanic rock. In 2011, Chris Pavey, a weekend runner from Brisbane, took on this challenge to raise money for charity, and in memory of his late sister in law, Christina.

Running in solidarity with a nation shaken to its core by the worst earthquake and tsunami experienced in modern history, Chris confronts his own inner demons of self-doubt. Will people support his cause? Can he reach his fundraising target? Will his body hold strong against the injuries plaguing him? Getting to the start of the race was challenge enough, but now he has to finish it, and by doing so, provide a fitting memory for Christina.

But Chris’ story begins long before this one race, and encompasses so much more than just running. Faced with a bizarre illness preventing his body from digesting fat, he re-discovers the true worth of exercise and good nutrition. From cycling through Japan, to a security guard hold up in the Middle East; from running his first road race on the Gold Coast, to scrambling through the rainforest of Tropical North Queensland; his tales not only entertain but also inspire as he successfully learns how to combine his passion for endurance running with a desire to fundraise.

In Running Against Time, Chris provides an unorthodox roadmap for others in their own endurance adventures and fundraising projects. With dedicated sections on how to train, how to overcome common running injuries, and how to fundraise, he will open your eyes to what lies out there waiting, and inspire even the most sedentary of us to pull on some runners.

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