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It’s been a tough week in the Pavey household. Injection week has sent routines and schedules all out of whack and to top it all off I’ve had to put in extra hours at work. All this means that both my running and writing have suffered. Oh, and did I mention the fact channel 9’s new show The Following now has me hooked?! But what’s with TV now playing episodes 2 or 3 times a week?!? I can’t keep up!

Which brings me to the real point of this blog. It’s hard to fit everything in. I read recently a quote that said something along the lines of, “the only thing that stops people writing a book, is hard work.” Which is true to a degree, I think. Organisation also comes to mind. Being organised enough to be able to schedule time into my day for writing has been a huge challenge. I thought I’d figured it all out. Only for my twins, and work, recently challenging this! I’d even figured out the time to run issue – at lunchtimes at work. But work has challenged that this week too! I’m hoping today I can finally get that run in.

Nevertheless, I have plugged on. I have started editing the first novel in the Shades series, Disposition of Illusion -on the train in hard copy (it’s the only time I can seem to find to do it). Then I’ve started making the edits on the computer at night. I can almost do this while watching The Following and pacifying the twins if they wake while Julia tries to get some sleep. I said almost! Must admit, I’ve not really done any of the above successfully to date! But at least I’m trying, right?! And I think that’s the real point. As a writer you just have to keep plugging away, no matter what; no matter the obstacles. Even if its only for 10 minutes writing or editing a day, the fact that I’m doing it regularly will help me move closer to my goal. The common rule to write something every day stands tall as the one piece of advice all published authors give. So, while time might be limited, it’s important I spend even just a few minutes a day thinking about it. And not get lost in or overwhelmed by the big picture.

The hardest thing about publishing a book is that it takes a ton of commitment and persistence. Luckily, I have stubbornness in spades so I know I’ll get there, it just might take me a little longer than I’d like and I’m used to. A bit like my running at the moment!


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  1. My understanding is that busy people find more time to do things than lazy people, so I guess you should take up another hobby, perhaps rock climbing, I hear that’s easy on the ankle.

    1. Believe it or not Eddie, Rock Climbing as a hobby has crossed my mind! haha… not sure Julia would let me though! 🙂

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