NanoWriMo something exciting is happening

Half way through this challenge and things are running hot! I knew it would be hard, there was no doubt about that. I also knew that finding the time was going to be my biggest challenge. But somehow, I have found it. I’ve etched out extra hours in my day by getting up earlier. I’ve set aside time in my lunch breaks to commit to NaNoWriMo activities. And I have started forcing myself to stay up later until I hit or exceed my daily word targets.




But that’s not the most exciting thing about this challenge. The most exciting thing is I now have the beginnings of a novel taking shape. I have 60 pages of a new work; the first new prose I’ve written since Running Against Time; the first new historical fiction writing since A Saxon Story. And I’m finally finding my style again. I’m finally finding my voice. And I’m starting to regain my writing form.

The story is reading well, I think, and the really good stuff is just starting to reveal itself. I’m starting to get to know my characters better. And their stories are gradually intertwining. It is hard going though. Writing this material in a world where I still need to research a lot of historical context is forcing me to take leaps and guesses in order to keep writing and meet these daily goals. If I say the Persian queen is wearing a gold leaf infused linen dress, I have no idea if that was even possible or likely. I’ll have to check the facts in December, or January. For now, I have to make some broad assumptions that suit my narrative. I can see myself picking up many pieces as I review this.

Just under 23,000 words, I seem to be about 5,000 words behind, despite having some good days over the weekend. I’m racing against the clock, trying desperately to catch up. Let inspiration keep flowing and the fingers keep typing…

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