NaNoWriMo the struggle continues

I have been pounding away at the keyboard for another week. Some days the words have flowed easily and quickly. And sometimes it has been like squeezing juice out of an unripened lemon. Each day, no matter what, I have managed to meet or exceed my word limit. Gradually I have been clawing back my deficit and I am getting ever closer to being on target.

This week seems to be sorting out the committed from the pretenders, and seems to be the week for the quitters to quit. I class myself as one of the committed. Although there is still no guarantee I will make 50,000. But, I am giving it a shot, and even starting to believe it is possible. This is especially so, as I am now finally closing in on the end of chapter three – I tend to find the end of chapters the quickest and easiest to write as it is where a lot of the earlier hard work in the chapter pays off and the logical conclusion tends to just flow out onto the page.

So I’ve hit 30,000 words and 80 pages. But I don’t think I’m close to half way through the novel yet. That makes sense, considering the average length of a novel tends to fall between 80,000 – 120,000 words. I’m so glad I decided to split this novel out into a trilogy as the material is plentiful for what was initially to be just the first part of the longer version of the book. That being said, I am concerned that the pace and tension of the novel so far isn’t great. My natural instinct is to go back now and fix it. But the rule is no revision. I’ll have to assess and fix it when I complete a revision in early 2015.

One week to go!


Kambyses’ ‘lost army’. A scene of my novel I am about to come upon. Looking forward to describing this freak event and the reaction the king will have to it.

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